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The Wicca Course ...

The Wicca Pentacle’s course on Wicca, the Craft is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced students covering the very basics of craft wicca, wicca philosophy and practice, craft history of witchcraft, wicca, ritual magic and divination.

Wicca, Magic & Divination
The contents of the course include ...

* An introduction to Wicca
* Wiccan discussions on Life and its meanings
* Wicca on Good Evil and Karma
* History of Wicca
* Wiccan and other festivals
* Deities and aspects of the Divine found in Wicca
* Woden, Thunor [Thor], Frey and Freya,
Tiw,Frigga,Oestre,the Winter God, the Sun and
the Moon, Arianrod, Cerridwen, The Dagda,
The Morrigain,Brigit Lugh, Cernunnos, Brigantia,
* Choosing an aspect of the Divine in Wicca

* Other Spirits, Messenger Spirits
* Wicca Magic and its applications
* The Four aspects of Magic
* Nature is Wiccan Magic
* Law of Unintended Consequences
* Casting a safe Wicca Spell
* Consecration
* Acknowledging the Divine in Wicca
* Harmony of Purpose
* Execration [excorcism]
* Invocation

You can enrol in any one course for a fixed course fee of £325
You can choose whether to pay in one go or spread the payments in 9equal monthly instalments of £40

If you prefer, you can enrol in any 3 courses and pay only for 2
You can pay in full on enrolment or spread the fee by 12 equal monthly payments of only £60.

* Evocation
* Wiccan protection from Magic
* Casting simple spells
* Symbols in Magic and Wicca
* Divination and how and why it works
* Water, Oil and Treasure,
* Divination Systems such as the Tarot
* Dream Divination
* Scrying
* Principles of Wicca rituals and rites
* Celebrational rituals R
ites of Passage

The Wicca Pentacle’s course on Wicca, the Craft is run by our colleagues at the College of Management Science, London. Their Faculty of Spiritual studies also offers a wide range of interesting courses. You can take a look at these by visiting of their site at ...

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